Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday's missing post

* I passed out. NO really, I passed out... from the exhaustion of a weekend with out the Hubby. He was so tired Monday morning after he got home at 2am that I let him sleep in for a few hours. Nice wife I am! When he came home the house was all picked up, dishes running and you would never have known it was a HUGE mess just a few hours before.

* We ended up having people over for an impromptu BBQ. It was fun cause they brought all the food and I just had to shove chips in my mouth and keep the kids from hurting themselves. There was no clean up since we used paper plates. The perfect party... I do nothing and we eat for free!

* We took the kids in for bath and bed. Beaker wanted to watch TV so we cuddled in my bed after Jack was asleep. Hubby came up after Diego was over, put little miss in her bed, and I guess I just passed out. I woke at 10:30 to uses the potty, get out of my clothes, and drink some water.

* Guess I needed the sleep! Sorry I did not post but I assed out!