Wednesday, May 7, 2008

change is good

* Today I did the unthinkable.... I walked for 30 minutes on our treadmill. We bought the thing from a good friend back in the fall. I have used it once... one single time! Other then that it sits in the living room out of the way yet a constant reminder of the exercise I SHOULD be getting. From all I have read, one of the simple things I can do for my diabetes and my depression is get regular exercise. Today, we begin!

* I have so many crazy fears, silly fears that stop me form creating the life I desire and deserve. I have this huge dread of my husband or any of his friends coming into the house, seeing me on the mill, and falling down laughing. I know, I know... silly of me but I can't help it! I would be so heart broken if my husband were to make a joke of my huge all sweating as I do my daily lifesaving routine. When you watch all the shows, the people who lose all the weight did not compromise about their exercise and the priority it was in their lives. They woke at 5am to go the gym or they did their workouts after their day was over. I want, NEED that to be me.

* Like posting a day... day one down 29 more to go!