Tuesday, May 6, 2008

good news

* Today was BIG! We took Beaker to the ENT for a hearing test. She has been slow to talk and her quality of speech is very muddled. The school system granted us two 1/2 visits from a therapist each week. It seems to have helped some what, but she has not advanced as quickly as we hoped. So on advice from the school, the therapist, and our daycare provider, we finally made an appointment for a complete hearing exam.

* The results were huge... it seems Beakers ears are full of fluid. Her left ear is much worse then her right. The tester said Beaker hears as if she is underwater. No wonder her words are muddy and her tone is always loud. She has no idea what an indoor voice is... god help us! The answer seems to be tubes, Pressure Equalizer Tubes, that will help drain the fluid and make it so she can HEAR 100%. What a miracle this could be... to be able to understand our daughter and have her understand us? I almost cried in the Dr's office.

* Next Wednesday she will go to the hospital in am and they tell us she should be bouncing around the house that very afternoon. I don't think she will miss a day of daycare. There maybe a little discomfort at the start, but they tell us it is minor. Soon we will have our daughter back! WOOHOO!!!