Saturday, May 17, 2008

HS Reunion

* Ok so it is after midnight, but just by a tiny bit. I am at my 20th High School this weekend. I am staying at my best friend's house. It is great to be back... I think everyone looks amazing. How is it that we all look the same? It feels like just yesterday we were all together, not 20 years ago. Most of us have kids, husbands, some wives (we went to an all girls school), yet we all seem to still fit together.

* Tonight there were like 10 of us here, but tomorrow there should be 2x's that by lunch. The odd thing is that I am ALONE! No kids, no husband, just me! I can sleep in tomorrow if I want, no one to feed or change or dress. My stomach is in knots. Hubby is bring the kids to lunch tomorrow and I my be too excited to speak. They will stay and then I guess go home and I will go back Sunday.

* For now I need sleep.