Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ear tubes

* At 8:45am they plan to take Beaker into the OR to give her the PE Tubes. I am so happy she is going to be able to hear better and in turn talk better, but damn I am nervous. My sweet pain-in-the-ass baby girl is going to be out of my control and it scares me. I have faith she will be better then new when this is over, but there always a mother's over-protectiveness...

* Have any of your kids had this done? What should I expect? Did it make a huge difference? Was keeping the water out a hassle in the summer? Please give me a little motherly advice.... THANK IN ADVANCE!!!


Susan said...

My son had the tubes put in when he was four. It made an immediate difference in his hearing and speech. He did go to a speech therapist for a few months afterward.
He handled the surgery very well. He was in great shape within a day or two.
We had ear plugs made for him that handled the swimming problem very well.
Good luck to your little one. These things are harder on Mom than the child.