Sunday, January 4, 2009

365 in 365

Hello... Welcome to 2009!

I am so please to be able to start this New Year with a renewed feeling of family and an urgency to make our lives better. The last few weeks of 2008 I was under medicated, creating a deep feeling of unrest. I picked up my fat butt, went to the DR and got new meds. What a difference a few extra milligrams Zoloft makes on a person and their family. Now I am much more grounded, less out of control. The meds have saved my life over and over but somehow I forget this until I run low, recreating my emotional upheaval. I would say never again, but I can only say as long as I can I will never doubt the power of medical intervention and the effects it has on my whole world.

The word of 2009 is CREATE. I will live, eat, breath CREATE.

Create a safer, cleaner home for my family.

Create food that nourishes with love as well as being healthy.

Create art... quilts, paper crafts, anything that will fill my soul with color.

Create health in my own self and my family.

Create a new body... by attending OA and living the steps.

Create a new number... walk on the treadmill, eat with my brain, and look to others for help.

Create a space in my heart for my husband as the kids have been #1 not our marriage.

Create stronger bonds... find new friends, strengthen old relationships, reconnecting with others.

Lastly.... I want to CREATE a blog that is a safe place for ME to look at my life and get feedback from others. The plan is to post everyday, being realistic that some days I may not make a post and others I may post 2 or 3 times. I will be working on some self-help reading as well as attending weekly OA meetings. (more on that later.)

So for now, lets remember 2008 and move on to 2009, the year of creating change.