Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy.... ok, ok I have been totaly lazy....

Hello all... Is anyone still there? I have been so rude. Beth made me such an amazing blog design and I have yet to really move in, make it my home. There has been so much going on I have not been able to get my mind around writing, although the words swim in my brain at all times. So many changes have taken place I want to share but have not had a clear head to jot them down.

I am going to try and make 2009 THE year for change. Anyone want to do a 365 post challenge? Has it ever been done? Do I really think I am that deluded to think I could really post once a day for a full year? One never knows....

So the short list of big news....

1) I have been to a few support meeting for people who are compulsive overeaters. It feels like I found a home, a group of people who have been where I and made their way out. I want to lose weight, over 100lbs in fact, but this will never happen if I do not find a way to stop killing myself with food.

2) Lily and I have had a wonderful reconciliation. I am so please she is back in my life. Now that we are talking again, I realize how much I missed her insights, her humor, and her daughter. In a future post I will give you the promised update about our first lunch and the big talk.

3) Over the past few weeks I have been working hard to get our home in better order. It is a never ending process but one that is showing rewards. I want to have a home we can be proud of, not one we dread.

4) The kids turn 4 and 2 next week... where did the time go? Beaker is making HUGE progress with her speech therapy and Jack Jack is changing everyday! I will post pictures of their party which is next Saturday. Due to their overindulgence and the state of our economy, we have asked people share with our kids their favorite book. This will add to our library and save us from loads of new toys.

Ok, I need to get some sleep. I think I am getting sick... YUCK!

Thank you for reading and being patient.