Monday, September 22, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to the first "Not Me!" Monday Blog Carnival. I am so excited to take part of my weekly carnival I can't stand it. There are almost 200 blogs taking part, I am number 98! I will find a way to add the Mr. Linky Blog Roll and post it as soon as I can. So here we go...

Let me start by saying I most certainly did not spend the better past of the weekend thinking of something to post today. And after figuring out what to post I did not wait until 11pm to post. That would be so silly of me!

On Tuesday of last week, I was not the mother who let her kids run around the yard like crazy kids when they should have been getting ready for bed. Jack did not get his clean little body covered in paint and I would never have taken over 50 pictures of the mess. I had thought Jack could sleep in this outfit, but no such luck. I would never admit Jack had already taken one bath that day, now he just might need a second. So much for my good intentions.

Please know I would never have let them get that dirty then continue to play on the swing set and take more pictures. My kids we so not playing well after the sun went down. Also, we did not get eaten alive bugs to the point it really did get too late to be outside. Did I say 50 images, it was more like 150! Thank God for digital!

I would never admit that I love it when my kids get covered head to toe in life, the dirt, paint, snot that it the life of a small child. I never understood cleaning and re-cleaning a child when you could save yourself a load of work by simply letting them get totally filthy and hosing them down later.

A dirty child is a happy child!!!