Wednesday, September 3, 2008

head in my you-know-what

Another day and too much to do... cleaning, washing, loading, putting away. I was blessed to have yesterday free of kids as well as today, however the motivation I had when I woke up is all but depleted. I just want to sink into bed and cry. I want sleep, put unadulterated afternoon-nap sleep. While I have done nothing to day to earn it, I may just give in to the sweet whispers of the bed... calling out for my body's return.

Today was Beaker's first day at Pre-K and Jack's second full day at the sitters. The excitement I felt when I dropped them both at the sitters yesterday was nothing compared to seeing my baby girl in her new classroom. I know she will learn so much in the coming weeks. Her teacher seems amazingly nice and she will have at least one friend in her class. I have know for some time that she has been under stimulated, capable of learning like a sponge, so this is going to be such a blessing. Since having her ear tubes put in back in May, Beaker's speech has grown like I never expected, her clarity getting better by the day. Her speech therapy will begin again tomorrow, so who knows what we can expect... my baby can talk so ANYONE can understand her!

But the quiet and the silence are a drug. I simply want to listen to the cars driving by the house and enjoy the small breeze. Not such a good thing when your husband is quick to point out the price tag of this peace. I need to get my head out of the dark place it is hiding, go get something to eat, and get to work. Pride is something I long for, from my husband as well as from myself.

So now I get off my butt and get moving...