Friday, September 19, 2008

long time..

no post...

I have had so much to say and can never find the mental time to get the words out. There have been a few good things going on I felt I would share so here goes...

1) Hubby is getting a job! He has been working with a few friends on his own doing renovations, tile, kitchen installations and general house repair. Well he has done a few things for this one man over the past year and has found a way turn it into a real job. This man is an eccentric artist son of a famous writer. He lives a mile away from his mother in a house specially renovated about 10 years ago just for him. Now there are so many projects that need to be done that Hubby created a job call "property manager" which will take a lot of time, emotions and pay damn good money! This will really change the way we have been living and take a huge burden off his shoulders.

2) I have spend the past few days cleaning and organizing in the kitchen. I will post pictures later, but 1/4 of the space is my sewing area where my sewing table, fabric, and projects are stored. This is the first time I have had this area all pulled together since we dedicated this space to sewing. I can now think when I sit at the desk and feel like I can get something done.

3) This week I joined a Block-Swap at our local quilt shop! Again, pictures tomorrow, but lets just say I am so excited!!! At the end I will have 72 blocks to create a quilt with or use how ever... but my plan right now is to create a cool quilt for donation.

4) Over the past few days I have been working with Beth @ Ruby & Roja Designs to create a new blog... a makeover of this dump stock blog design. I looked at thousands of stock images before I found 2 I loved. Beth ran with these and created something that left me speechless! There were a few details that needed to be addressed but the over all design is more then i could have asked for... my dream blog header in colors that make me swoon! By the end of next week I to have a fresh new blog, one I can look at and be inspired.

5) I have decided to take part in a weekly blog carnival hosted by the mommy @ My Charming Kids. She has written a few hilarious posts like this one about things she has NOT done! It seems it has taken off so she set of this carnival... could be super funny! As a mom of two small kids I know just how she feels. And at moment like these, there always seems to be a camera around. Check out he blog and her inspiring story.

So this is post has take HOURS to write... as I watch TV, talk to Hubby, and endlessly look/read blogs. Now it is bed time... sleep well all!