Monday, June 2, 2008

something interesting from

* Here is something interesting I found in my feed-box today from They feature a list of three of their most useful/great posts of 2008. I thought I might share as I found them very interesting and insightful.

1) They have a link to an article posted back in January about making 2008 the best year every simply by letting go. In the post there are specific suggestion g on how to let go of the past, of guilt, of revenge among others.

2) On January 10th they posted about writing personal goals. I totally need to do this! Maybe if I followed their steps and crafted my own mission statement maybe I would not feel like I am floundering as much.

3) Lastly, on January 11th they tell us how to using our blogs as a tool for self grown can keep changes on track with the added advantage of feed-back by connecting to others.

* I think this week I am going to think more about a letting go... of the pain, hurt and resentment I have for myself and others. This can only help me become whole again. The mission statement is something I can tackle with the new therapist. Blog away my friends!