Tuesday, June 10, 2008


* Has it really been since Friday since I last sat down and wrote? My head has been in the clouds since this heat started last week. Who can deal with almost 100 degree heat 4 days in a row. Right now it is a freezing 72 out... better then it being about 85 Sunday night. Jack and I never left the house today it was so nasty. A storm just blew over, cooling and moving the hot stagnant air. It looks like the next few days should be in the middle 80's, much more tolerable.

* All day I thing of things to type, but by this time of day I am dead tired. I keep having to take a rest in the afternoon as I find I can't keep my eyes open. Right now I am beat. I found some energy tonight to clean... all I do is clean! The down stairs bathroom was smelling nasty since Beaker potty training so I KNOW there is "stuff" all over the bowl and floor.

* I just fell asleep until the tv got super loud! Scared me to death. I think I should take this tired body up to bed. XOXOXOXOXOOOOXO