Monday, March 17, 2008

all fine...

*Well we made it... I did not think it was going to happen but we got here... no screaming babies on the plane, no dead workers at the rental car agency, all luggage accounted for!

*It is nice to be here, in the arms of family. My folks are so good with the kids, they love them so deeply. Today at the pool, my mother had more fun watching my 3 year old daughter get in and out of the "baby" pool like she owned the place. The baby was right there behind her, trying to do everything she did, yet ending up with a face full of water most times.

*I am eating good... for 1.5 days I think I have been sticking to the plan. I know I feel tons better then I did just a few weeks ago. My sugar is more stable and I feel like I have more energy. Now if I can just lose some of this evil belly fat we may be getting someplace. This is vacation... one can only hope to stay the same and not add to the problem.

*Ok, off to bed... on the pull-out couch mattress... on the floor.