Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7/40 Days of Blogging, Lent 2009

Where do I begin, I guess 7:30 am is the best place to start...

I was in the kitchen making coffee as it was going to be crazy day when my cell phone rang. I do not know why I answered, but I did. It was the local PD calling to let me, US, know my husband's van was taken last night by the finance company. SPEECHLESS. I will forever remember the moments before the phone call thinking how nice it was that he did not park van behind my car so I could get out easier. Oh how wrong I was....

It was SO much fun going back up to the bedroom and having to tell him the wonderful news. I was on my knees begging him not to hate me, to remember how he loved me and our family. I had trouble getting the words out of my mouth... They took your car last night. Ouch.

He was mad but it came in waves. He seemed OK at first but that must have been the shock, then slowly he became pissed. Oh how short lived that was! When he realized he book bag, wallet and iTouch (which he uses as a PDA) were still in the van, he lost it, really got angry. I don't blame him, I would be super furious with me and the situation too if I was him. He could hardly look at me let alone talk to me.

I finished getting the kids ready and got the kitten, the newly name Prince kitty, ready for his trip to the vet. I tried to call about the van but Ford was not open until 9am. I have to say, everyone on the phone was super nice, since I was humble and super nice to them... even the lady at the tow lot was great.

Lets just say the situation is fixable... pay the bill... get the van back.

Easy, simple... not so much.

(part 2 tomorrow)