Sunday, March 1, 2009

5/40 Days of Blogging, Lent 2009

Ok, another post about the Mommies... this is a call for prayers:

is a sweet young boy who is in his last days of battling the "beast" called Nauroplastoma. This cancer has been chasing him since September 2004, when he was only 2 years old. His father, Mickey has kept a blog full of stories, memories, celebrations and heart breaks since April 2007. It is very unique to read such an emotionally filled blog authured by a father. Mickey is a loving father, husband, avid runner and former Navy seaman.

I found out about this amazing family from The Riggs Family, their sweet daughter Abby is also in the throws of cancer. It brakes me to read about these families, how they suffer thought the pain of treatments, the recovery and the unknown.

Cody and his family are in such a sad place. This is a tremendously difficult time for them and any extra prayers you can send their way are much needed. One of their friends, Kirk, wrote an amazing blog post called Hug Your Kids. It speaks bluntly about Cody's illness, the love of a father to his son, and reminds us to take an extra moment to hug our kids.

And while you are in the praying mood, please send you prayers for Abby as she is having an allergic reaction to one of her antibiotics. She is in the middle of a nasty round of chemo which has left her body deeply vulnerable.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and if you get a chance, leave them a message of love and support.