Friday, February 27, 2009

3/40 Days of Blogging, Lent 2009

I love my Mommies!

Let me explain, about a year ago I was just starting to read blogs, searching all over the web for new and interesting reads. One evening after an hour or so of "playing" on line, I cam across the blog of a woman asking for prayers for her dear friend who had just given birth to still born twin boys, James and Jake.

I NEEDED to read more... over the next few days and then weeks my heart grew to love this mother, this stranger who had her future changed with the loss of two heartbeats. Beth is a hero to me. Her words have been raw and full of honesty. She used her blog to speak her truth, she bore her soul for us all to hold. Hundreds of readers all over the US and the world sent prayers and wishes of peace for this sweet young family. Beth is such an amazing writer, designer, and photographer. She is a loving mother and devoted wife who is trying to find a new normal. Last year her family and friends joined together to walk with the March of Dimes to raise money so that other babies born early may have a chance at life. This year, they are again walking for Kids and if you feel in the giving mood, please donate to Team James & Jake.

After reading about Beth and her story, I seemed to find other blogs full of painful honesty, deep faith and a longing to return to their life before loss. Below I will link you to some of my "favorite" Mommy blogs... These stories have moved me in a way only another mother can.

I worn you in advance, these sites are real life, read families and real heartache. You will cry, your heart will break and be put back together, and you may find yourself praying more as you find a deeper appreciation for your own blessings.

Beth @ I Should be Folding Laundry
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